Lakes and Mountains - Mt. Tamalpais Photos

Mt. Tamalpais, its surrounding forests and streams, are my territory. It is part of the United Nations Golden Gate Biosphere, recognized for its abundance of species and habitats in the ever-growing and increasingly developed San Francisco Bay Area.  

In the years I've lived here, I've spent time with many individual animals and their family groups. I ramble the same trails and sit on the same hills every week. This regular practice makes me a familiar to the creatures here, and so, some of them let me take intimate portraits of their daily lives. The beautiful land and lakes, flowers and vistas, call me too. I hope you enjoy these pictures, and take some home with you. Here, you can buy greeting cards, coffee cups, mouse pads and pictures to hang on your wall, screen savers and cell phone covers, Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

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Martha E. Ture 

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